Instructions: You need to use key A and S to steer your snake to the left and right. Use your power-ups by pressing key W.

Home » Games » follows the success of and, and this IO game presents to you many challenges to conquer. Feel free to jump into the world of Supersnake then start fighting off other opponent snakes. You are just a tiny snake at first trying to eat as many food orbs as possible for your size buff. The more food you consume, the larger you will become, which gives you more strength. When you come across a snake that is at a higher level, you should quickly run away from him and make sure that he won’t catch you, or else it will be an end for you. But when you collide with a snake that is at the same level as you, both of you will be demolished, unless you already collect a good power-up. Hence, you must pick up a bunch of power-ups then use them to your advantage. Keep an eye on other deadly obstacles and always defend your snake. Good luck!

Video demo

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