Instructions: Control your tank around by using keys WASD. Click left mouse or press spacebar for shooting at enemies.

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With two awesome game environments in, you will surely go through a bunch of challenges and meet a lot of friends. Let this awesome browser-based Tank IO game entertain you now! You play as a tank controller trying to develop your size by collecting numerous food orbs scattering around the arena or shooting down all your opponents. When they die, a lot of mass will be dropped, and it’s your job to collect them all so that you can build your size faster. Just make sure you dodge the shapes spreading over the map. If they turn red, you must not drive through them, or else your tank will take damage. But if they are green, just feel free to move through! As mentioned above, the game allows you to team up with other friends, and together, you guys can take out the rivals very easily. But if you think you are already skilled enough, you can play as a solitary tank controller. Have fun!

Video demo

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