Instructions: Use keys WASD to take control of your tank around. You can fire you enemies by clicking the left mouse button.

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Feel free to enjoy another team-based Tank IO game called! The game can be a test to you to see how good your skill is and how long you can stay alive. After spawning into the arena, you will commence controlling your tank around trying to slay as many enemy tanks as possible while defending yourself. In the team conquest mode, your mission is to team up with your friends to seize the zones and obtain 1000 points first to become the winner. You can play offense and defense in this mode, but make sure you make some excellent teamwork to touch the victory easily. If you join a king deathmatch mode, you have to get rid of every single enemy and attempt to gain 10000 points first to lead the match. Don’t forget to collect power-ups as well as keep an eye on the planes. They sometimes release supplies, but some of them will attack you. Wish you luck!

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