Instructions: Direct your character around the map using your mouse or arrow keys or keys WASD. Click left mouse or key Q or key C to run, and click right mouse or press spacebar or key X to shoot the ball. You can chat with key Enter, and use the mouse wheel scroll to zoom.

Home » Games » is a great team-based Sports IO game that is free for all. Let’s give it a try now and see if you can become the best footballer or not! You will be taken to a huge arena where lots of people are trying to compete against each other. You need to search for a football field to kick off your match. Attempt to grab the ball from your opponents, then quickly shoot it into the correct net to score your goal. Be sure to build some excellent teamwork so that you can get past all challenges easily. During the battle, you need to save your stamina so that you can stay alive longer. Bumping into the players that are at higher level can be somewhat challenging, however, it’s very rewarding. When your ability gets upgraded through over time, you will gain new higher ranks, which gives you a big possibility to climb the leaderboard. Always keep an eye on the surroundings and use your tactics wisely to deal with all dangers around. Let’s start the game now!

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