Instructions: Control your tank around the map by using keys WASD. Aim and shoot at enemies using your mouse.

Home » Games » is a wonderful Diep Style Tank game online opening a savage tank battle between skilled opponents from around the world. You have your own tank, and you must try to control it carefully around the map to slay all enemies getting into your pathway. With an auto-shoot equipped on your tank, it will help you fire the foes more efficiently. This is a great feature in the game, giving you more time to focus on wandering around the playfield. There are lots of deadly projectiles as well as bullets coming from various directions. Just make sure to elude all of them while you are still firing your opponents. Attempt to kill as many enemies as possible, build the size of your tank, make it larger and gradually climb your way up the leaderboard. The game may seem so very tricky, and it requires you to prepare your tactics in advance. Have fun!

Video demo

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