Instructions: Use keys WASD to control your character around. Jump with spacebar, and press number keys 1-5 to select your weapons.

Home » Games » is a unique browser-based 2D Shooter Multiplayer game. The game brings you an amazing yet challenging adventure. You will be placed in a mysterious dungeon with three other players, and you must try your hardest to defeat all of them. This quest is all about finding gold and obtaining the treasure. On your way, you will bump into your opponents and wicked NPCs spreading over the map. They are guarding the treasure, so if you want to achieve it, you must step over their dead bodies! In order to slay these disturbing enemies, you have to go around collecting many power-ups as well as new weapons. They will help you slay the foes effortlessly. Try to always have your skills and tactics ready so that you can deal with the dangers. The game objective is to become the player that has collected the largest amount of gold before time is up. You can choose one of three classes before starting your game, including a Warrior, a Rogue and a Mage. Good luck!

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