Instructions: Turn and move your character by using keys WASD.

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Play Tron game now to experience tough challenges and prove your skills. This is an io-styled Multiplayer game that is pretty much the same as classic Tron game. You will take control of a line and roam around the arena in order to cut off the enemies and try to survive longer to become the best player ever. You are supposed to move carefully, gain more mass and take over the entire map. There are three things that you must always avoid, including your own line, the lines of other opponents and the edges of the map. If you run into one of three those things, your game will come to an end, and all of your points will be gone, which causes you to start over. Use your skills and strategies to get past all challenges and prolong your life so that you can take the lead. Enjoy the game now! Have fun!

How to play Tron game: [Submit Video cooming soon…]

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