Instructions: Use arrow keys or WASD to move Press spacebar to jump Aim and shoot with the mouse, key R to reload Key E for the next weapon, key Q for the former weapon Key F to spray.

Home » Games » is also a well-known multiplayer arena shooter game online where you will have to deal with and encounter a lot of skilled opponents. The game contains various pixel art graphics, along with a nice gameplay. Surely your shooting skills will be tested through this funny game. You can personalize your character first and then let him out for the slashing battle. Your main mission here is to direct him well, make your way through all dangers and complex maze in order to get rid of all adversaries. They will come out suddenly and kill you anytime, so you must stay alert to the surroundings while moving. On your way, you will confront with many impediments, and you should try your hardest to overcome all of them. Show off your shooting skills, kick out all opponents before they harm you! Your goal is to survive longer and become the best shooter on the leaderboard.

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Vertix IO

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