Instructions: Use the mouse to control your cell Press spacebar to split your cell, keys WASD to adjust the camera angle

Home » Games » is another addictive multiplayer browser-based game online that is kind of like, a famous game online centering on eating and growing cell. In this game, you will get through a lot of the same challenges but in another background and various new features. Your main mission is to swallow more tiny cells, and other opponent cells that are smaller than you. However, there is still a funny feature that is completely different from The game allows you to divide your cell in half and then you are able to shoot the half one and launch it further. This feature is so helpful because it can help you run away from an opponent that is trying to kill you, or you can use it to assault the opponents. The game is completely worth a try! So be sure to check it out as well if you are a big fan of! Have fun!

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