Instructions: Control your spaceship by using keys WASD. Move the camera by using the mouse.

Home » Games » is a kind of awesome Multiplayer game online that sets in unique space full of spaceships. There are two teams featured in the game, a blue one, and a red one, and you can choose your favorite team before spawning into the game arena. Try your hardest to team up with your friends then go kill all enemies for the victory and the leadership. You need to aim carefully, shoot down all opponents that come in your way as fast as possible. If you’re late, you will die easily. Go collect more resources and other useful items scattering around the map to keep your spaceship upgraded and you can develop it into a new ship that is much stronger. Always stand by your teammates and you guys can support each other to take out the opponents more efficiently. Your main objective is to stay alive longer and take the dominance of the whole arena. Have fun!

How to play

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