Instructions: Move your character using WASD Press LMB to assault, spacebar for jumping Use the mouse to launch your attack Press RMB for running

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Join game online now and take a chance to become the best ancient fighter ever! This is such a fantastic multiplayer game online giving you a lot of fun and hilarious moments. Similar to other io games, the main goal in Wilds.i is surviving until the end! All players are required to prepare a lot of skills so that they can get involved in the combat, and fight against the enemies in a very confident way. You are supposed to take out all of the adversaries, which will also help you develop your character in the game. To boost your strength, you can go around gathering more weapons, powerups and make a good use of them. While fighting, you need to stay alert to the huge monsters, they can kill and destroy you anytime if you are careless. Let’s join the game now and see how long you can survive! Have fun!

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