Instructions: Take control of your plane using the mouse Click left mouse button or tap spacebar to shoot the enemies

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Come play another multiplayer game online that is also very famous and addictive! promises to become the next hot game where you can play and test your shooting skill. There are plenty of challenges awaiting you in this game, so be sure that you won’t miss them. You will have to take control of your airplane and take on a role of a hostile pilot who is willing to destroy anything that stands in his way. There are various skilled players controlling their planes around you, so it’s easy for you to become their target. Try to fly around the sky, search for lots of bonuses, swallow them all and use your excellent skills to get rid of the enemies before they kill you. The more you collect, the stronger you are! Your main goal is to earn a lot of points and become the best pilot on the leaderboard. Wish you luck!

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