Instructions: Control your worm around using the mouse. The game allows you to speed up, and to do so, you need to gain more mass, then click left mouse for the acceleration.

Home » Games » is seen as another awesome clone of, but surely this new IO game will give you different challenges, features, graphics and a new chance to meet more players. You direct your worm around the playfield in order to build your size through eating numerous food orbs scattering around the map, or trying to kill the opponents, then after that, you can steal their dead mass. Gaining size from looting the dead remains will be faster than eating normal food orbs. If you want to slay an enemy, just carefully use your tactics and make his head run into your body. Be sure to defend the head of your snake all the time, elude crashing into other worms, or else your game will come to an end. The game also features lots of power-ups which can be used to get an edge over your opponents. Also, they will help you deal with the dangers around easily. You must climb the top of the leaderboard to rule the arena! Have fun!

Video Demo

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