Instructions: Your worm’s movement can be controlled via the mouse. Press spacebar to speed it up, but this costs some points.

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Similar to that is very popular in the IO games series, will present to you awesome challenges and let you confront with new opponents from around the world. As a worm controller, you must try your hardest to build your size through over time. To do so, you have to consume food orbs that are spreading over the map, or even eat up all the remains of the dead worms. If you have a tactical play, you can try to kill your opponents by making them run into your body. After that, you must quickly eat up their remains. Normally, the players will choose to increase your size through eating the remains of killed snakes because this is the fastest way that gets them larger. Be sure to pick up lots of power-ups then use them to your advantage. Your main game is to reach the top spot on the leaderboard!

Video demo

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