Instructions: Use the mouse to control the pieces. Click left mouse button to move them to your chosen square. Also, you can direct the camera with your mouse.

Home » Games » is a browser-based Chess-themed IO game that is very difficult and challenging. You will begin your adventure as a king trying to take over more pieces in order to add them to the size of your board. The gameplay sounds simple, but truly, it’s very hard to conquer! You will play against your opponents so make sure you prepare your tactics and skills in advance to deal with them. Your pieces must be moved around very carefully. Some pieces like the Queen usually have high value when they can move any direction. So, having a grasp of your pieces will give you more advantages, helping you fight off your enemies and win the game easily. Always provide your King with a full protection. If he gets defeated, your game will be over. has all the principal rules of classic Chess game! Try to learn all of them so you can win!

Video Demo

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