Instructions: As I previously mentioned your character and weapon move independently, this means that your character is moved using the WASD keys and the flail follows your mouse cursor.

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Make your IO games list longer by adding a new game called! This awesome browser-based Multiplayer free for all is very addictive and challenging. You will spawn in the arena as a blob equipped with a mace. Move around the playfield carefully, swing your mace whenever you’re close to a certain enemy. Doing so will help you take him out easily, and the size of your mace will be increased once you absorb the dead remains of your opponent. The game doesn’t feature any food orbs, so you must kill as many enemies as possible eat their remains, and your mace will get bigger through over time. With a big mace, you will be able to get rid of all dangers as well as all foes effortlessly. Do not get hit by the mace of others, or else your game will be over instantly. You ready? Start the game now! Have fun!

Video demo

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