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How to play Splix.io if you have no idea what you’re doing

How to play Splix.io if you have no idea what you're doingSplix.io is one of the popular multiplayer games that has ” io extension”. This game is gaining its reputation gradually and it keeps drawing the attention of many players all over the world. As you know, most of the gamers have experienced tons of io games already, and for this new one, you can try playing and add it to your favorite “io games” list. Needless to say, Splix.io has been gently increasing at a faster speed, and sooner, a big number of people will get addicted to it for sure. The game also features a unique and wonderful gameplay, which is different from other “io games”. Every time you join it and start your challenges will be another precious experience that you gain. The gameplay is so understandable and it’s not quite hard to play. However, if you are a newbie and you have no clue what you must do, then these tutorials and information below will help you a lot. So, be ready to check them out!

How to play Splix.io

The gameplay is very simple! Your main objective is to seize a bunch of blocks in your playfield and try to defend your territory against the seizure of other opponents. You will earn a higher score if you capture a more blocks and kill the enemies. Just try to survive longer and try to rank up on the leaderboard.

Tutorial on how to seize new blocks

For seizing and painting the new blocks, you should try to enlarge your realm, and make it bigger. You must go around and try to circle a part of gray blocks, then head back to your realm that you have already set up. So, here is a brief and full process:

  1. Go away from your realm
  2. Encircle the gray blocks that are nearby your realm, try to create a structure that is three-sided shape, connect it with your realm which is the fourth side.
  3. Return to your realm and then you can affirm that you have possessed and altered the encircled blocks.

How to play Splix.io if you have no idea what you're doing

The characteristics of body

There are two noticeable points on the body of your character in the game, including the head and tail. No need to be anxious about the head, all you need to pay attention to is to protect your tail. Because when a certain opponent crashes into your tail, your game will come to an end. It’s kind of different from Slither.io game right? Just try to defend your tail and make sure no one can hit it.

How to play Splix.io if you have no idea what you're doing

When you go away from your private painted realm, the tail of your body become defenseless and very fragile. So, if you want to capture more blocks, you must do it very carefully and stay alert to the surroundings. You can try to cling to smaller locations with smaller square structures simultaneously at the first time playing the game.

Also, here is one important thing that you should remember! When you stay inside of your private realm, your tail won ‘t appear. It’s completely safe to be in your own realm and it’s really hard for other opponents to see you. Therefore, use this strategy and you will gain an advantage.

How to play Splix.io if you have no idea what you're doing

How to kill opponent players and how they destroy you

Most of the players are kind of confused at the first time playing Splix.io. But don’t worry, below here are some tutorials on how to deal with rivals:

How to play Splix.io if you have no idea what you're doing

If a certain rival crashes into your tail, your game will end immediately. So, if you this way, the enemies will end up being killed like that too. When you catch sight of a certain opponent that is out of their realm, you must race and crash into his tail to make him die. Hence, this can be a reason that you shouldn’t go away from your realm too far. Just don’t do it even if you are lonely without many rivals around.

However, there is still a safe place for you to protect yourself in the game! That’s when you stay inside of your own realm, your tail will be gone when you’re there and no one outside can catch sight of you because of your head mixing in the blocks. Of course, your head is still there, it’s just because that the opponents can’t see it due to the colors.

It’s not important to destroy the enemies, but sometimes, you may want to venture out and want to destroy the rivals who are trying to intrude on your realm.

To sum up, playing Splix.io is still very simple and understandable. The gameplay of this new io game can be kind of strange to the players, especially the newbies. But surely, with that simple and interesting gameplay, the game will bring you a lot of fantastic moments, give you a nice playing field where you can play against other skilled opponents all over the world . Take a look at the tutorials above, practice your skills more and more, then you will become a professional!

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