Instructions: Move forward by using key A, turn your spaceship to the left and right using keys A/D, click left mouse button for shooting.

Home » Guides » is a tough 2D Shooter IO game opening a brand new challenging fierce battle between skilled opponents from across the world. You control your spaceship and fly it through a fantastic galaxy in order to shoot down all enemies when they are in your sight. There are plenty of Photons around the playfield, and you will gain 1 point for each Photon which destroys an enemy. Also, you will get 10 points if you get rid of one foe too. You can see many asteroids as well, but don’t try to shoot them all because they are so friendly. However, you will refill your shield if you fire an asteroid without ceasing. The direction of the movement of the asteroids will be changed if you keep shooting it enough times. Use this to your advantage when you are attempting to cause asteroids to crash into other opponents. You must stay alive for at least 2 minutes and obtain 100 points first to become an ultimate winner!

Video demo

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