Instructions: Use arrow keys or WASD for the movement, press the spacebar to dash, click the left mouse to assault, key E or the right mouse to use the special power. Build towers and stuff using key B, press key U to buy a soldier, key F to arrange the army formation, key Y to improve the soldier, spacebar to divide your army, key C to change the formation, key M to turn on/off the minimap, key L to turn on/off the leaderboard, key Enter to chat, and key Esc to open the pause menu. 

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In unblocked, you become a lord of a wild land and you must turn it into a big kingdom for yourself. free online puts you through a lot of challenges, so you have to use your skills to conquer them all. In this title, you will start constructing a castle, create more key buildings to fund your army, call for more units to join your force then send them out into the fight to conquer more lands. Don’t forget to use your strategies to outplay all enemies. Are you ready for it? Hope you have fun with this Tower Defense game!


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