Instructions: Use the left mouse for the movement or attacking enemies. Use the right mouse on the inventory to consume potions or change equipped items. When you want to trade items, click the right mouse on an item to purchase or sell it.

Home » IO Game » unblocked is a dungeon style io game in which you become a hero crawling through lots of dungeons by searching for doors to conquer all levels. You must be ready for full of challenges because you will face up to many monsters and enemies on your way. At first, you begin the adventure at The Castle that is known as a safe area to hang out with friends or to recharge your HP or even purchase/sell items. When the adventure kicks off, you must crawl through the dungeons and attempt to reach the exit doors to get to the next levels. You need to find and unlock chests to get rare or magic equipment. If monsters stand in your way, you must kill them for experience points and use the points to level up. When the bosses appear, make use of your collected items to defeat them all. Your hero needs to get through all challenges as well as until the end of the adventure to become the winner. Play free online!

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