Instructions: Move your character using WASD, aim and shoot enemies using the mouse, use the spacebar to jump, use Shift for the ability, use R to taunt, G to drop gold, and Tab to open the game information.

Home » IO Game » Unblocked Unblocked online is an entertaining RPG io game where you will try to dominate all enemies and become the best leader! There are three characters featured in unblocked, including a hunter, a warrior, and a berserker. You can become one of those characters and use their abilities to defeat all enemies. Make your way through the arena trying to deal damage to all enemies around you. At the same time, you have to avoid their shots. If you take damage from them, you will not have a chance to win. But, if you can dodge their attacks, you will approach victory. Don’t forget to collect gold on the ground! Having a good amount of gold will give you a higher chance to win because anyone with the most gold collected at the end of the match will be the victor. Keep fighting and collecting gold for your win! Have fun with game!

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