Instructions: Use the mouse to click to choose the answer and interact with the menus in the game.

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Are you a true musical talent? Why don’t you show off your musical knowledge in unblocked – a nice music-themed io game that is free for all? You will know how many songs and artists you can guess in this game title when playing against lots of players from around the world. The main mission here is to guess the song or the name of the artist that is playing. Since you are competing against others, you must have to send your correct guess as fast as possible for high points. The more correct answers you have, the more coins you earn. Then, you can come to the shop to purchase awesome bonuses, like “remove an answer” or “double chance”. Make use of these bonuses to have more correct answers as well as get an upper hand on your opponents. The player with the best score will become the winner! Join and have fun with free game!

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