Instructions: Control the movement of your hero using the mouse, and click the left mouse to attack enemies.

Home » Agario Style » free game opens up another challenging adventure in which players have to control their own wizard hero to go defeat all vicious monsters as well as kill each other for the survival. unblocked is considered as a great choice for people who wants to level up their surviving skill. When the match is kicked off, you make your way through the arena hunting down bots and other players. You’d better finish them off using your weapons before they can flee away from you. With a lot of kills you accumulated, you can easily increase your level as well as earn more points. Your hero is armed with unique abilities, such as casting lighting magic and throwing gigantic rocks Make the most use of these abilities for a better chance of winning. How long do you think you can survive when there are plenty of tough enemies around you? Jump into the action to conquer them now!

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