Instructions: Move your snake using the mouse and speed it up using the left mouse button.

Home » IO Game » unblocked is a new snake io game inspired by It’s true to say that playing snake-themed io games is a great way for you to perform your slithering skills. Most of the games take inspiration from the famous game, and this title is no exception. It features two game modes to master, including the classic snake mode and Zapper mode. Pick your favorite game mode then enter the arena! You direct the movement of a little snake trying to slither through a map. The mission for you is to defeat all enemy snakes to become the biggest snake in the arena. You have to eat food dispersed on the ground to get your body bigger. The length of your body is key to success, thus getting it bigger is an important thing to do. Don’t collide with other snakes, otherwise, you will be defeated if your head touches their bodies. But, you can make their heads touch yours to defeat them and eat their remains to get bigger. Will you climb the top rank to dominate the arena? Enjoy game online!

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