Instructions: Direct the worm using the mouse. To speed it up, simply click the left mouse.

Home » Free For All » is a battle royale game inspired by This is not a common Snake-themed IO game like always since it features the battle royale element, which is just like other previous survival games, like PUBG, Fortnite, etc., but the only different thing is that you play as a vibrant colored worm rather than a human survivor. You have to control your worm around the map trying to eat many foods dispersed across the map to build your size. Every single piece you absorb will make your size increase a lot, this means you can use your strong body to fight against other enemy worms. You must go surround the rivals and make them crash into you. Once you do this, they will be eliminated for sure. Keep an eye on the danger zone! In, it also features the danger zone to make the competition much harder. If you get caught in this zone, you will meet your doom for sure. Try to survive and become the last worm standing!

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