Instructions: Use WASD to move, Right mouse to control items, E to collect, G to drop, O to open the shop

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Soldiers VS Zombies

Soldiers VS Zombies is a free-to-play online multiplayer strategy Io game. In which, you are able to choose the style that you want. It’s easy to explore the map and fight against the enemy alone or work together with some allies. Note that the mission that you accomplish will be based on the role that you are assigned at the beginning. Actually, a few players will be selected to be humans and the others will be scary monsters. In case you are one of the undead, you need to chase and bite or grab everybody. Meanwhile, you have to evade creatures spreading viruses. If you are a man in Soldiers VS Zombies, you are recommended to hide or create barricades from objects available on the map. You can cooperate with friends to increase the winning chance. Try your best to survive until the match ends! Each round will only last for a couple of minutes. Good luck!

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