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Here comes another funny gameplay video showing a lot of tactics and tips to capture more blocks in Splix.io game online. In this video, you can even explore how to customize your character, like the color of your blocks, and the type of blocks you will construct. These features can be used easily if you already installed Splix.io mods in ...

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Join Wilds.io game online now and take a chance to become the best ancient fighter ever! This is such a fantastic multiplayer game online giving you a lot of fun and hilarious moments. Similar to other io games, the main goal in Wilds.i is surviving until the end! All players are required to prepare a lot of skills so that ...

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Hextris.io is a cool challenging puzzle game which is partly based on the classic popular game called Tetris. The game gives you a chance to deal with a bunch of blocks that are in various colors. They keep coming out and piling up outside the hexagon. Your mission is to spin the hexagon and try to stack those blocks carefully, ...

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Come play another multiplayer game online that is also very famous and addictive! Wings.io promises to become the next hot game where you can play and test your shooting skill. There are plenty of challenges awaiting you in this game, so be sure that you won’t miss them. You will have to take control of your airplane and take on ...

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Vertix.io is also a well-known multiplayer arena shooter game online where you will have to deal with and encounter a lot of skilled opponents. The game contains various pixel art graphics, along with a nice gameplay. Surely your shooting skills will be tested through this funny game. You can personalize your character first and then let him out for the ...

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